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Hi guys,

Have you realised that Joseph and Mary walked back to Jerusalem and still searched Jesus for three full days (Lk 2, 41-52)?

For the past two days, in fact with some sleepless nights, I was wondering about the three days Joseph and Mary spent in searching for Jesus in Jerusalem. Technology was not developed to have photograph of Him and show it to people. They were for sure describing him to those they met the best way they can. Three all days, searching for Jesus. Were they having the courage at all to sleep or eat? In fact, how can they eat where the one entrusted to their care is missing? Have they failed in the mission entrusted to them by the God of their Fathers? These three days were like years for them, probably. They went back to all over the places they were with Him while in Jerusalem. And still the same answer kept on coming “He is not here”. But interestingly, they were not discouraged. They did not give up. Their desire to find Him because of the love they for Him was stronger than the pain and time they were experiencing.

When we want to embark in a journey back to where we have last seen Jesus or where we have abandoned Him, if our heart is not fill with deep love for Him, we may tend to give up.

Reflecting on my own life, for the past two days I was wondering where exactly I have abandoned Jesus? As I have embarked on the journey to see Him again, obstacles start emerging: “why should you look for him again? Your life is better without him”/ “You are wasting your time, you won’t see Him again” / “Stop giving you this pain, focus on the present which is more important” / “There is no need for what you are trying to do, He is God so He knows where you are, relax then”…

Have you realised that when you embark on a journey for transformation these obstacles seem to come from everywhere (family/friends/colleagues/etc.)? These obstacles are not a call to give up our dream, our journey, but to strengthen us. The more obstacles one finds in this journey the closer one is to one’s goal.

Do you feel like dropping everything and continue the way you live? Then what would have been the sacrificed you have made so far? And besides, do you want to give reason to those you said you can’t make it?

So, stop bordering about the current obstacles, keep on searching, stay on track and you will realise you long expected dream: finding Jesus.

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