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Hi guys,

It has been a while. For sure you were wondering where I have been!!!!

This reminds me of the experience of the blessed couple of Joseph and Mary, when on their way back home they did not see Jesus. They initially thought He might be with some of their relatives. But then they both realised that Jesus was entrusted to them and not to their relatives. It is their duty to watch over Him. Thus they started looking for Jesus among their relatives. Not knowing that the young boy was already burning for his Father's house. 

As they were moving from one relative to the next and getting the same answer: "He is not here", I can feel their growing fear. 

Probably many questions were running so quickly in their mind with no answer: "What are they going to say if the Lord, their God - who entrusted His Son to them - was to ask them his whereabout". 

This set Joseph and Mary on a journey. They were to go back to Jerusalem where they sent Him and where they last saw Him.

Their journey requires determination and self-denial, it requires abandoning all our human certitudes to enter into the unknown. Joseph and Mary did not know what the road will be like. They were not sure of the outcome. They could find joy or pain, but then they decided to embark into that journey.

As you too were wondering about my whereabout and looking for answers; probably always coming back to my blog where you last read about me, hoping to see me, we shall journey like Joseph and Mary back to where we have left Jesus.

Are you ready to journey back, like Joseph and Mary, to where you have last seen Jesus in your life?



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